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>Subject: Restriction enzyme help
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>I downloaded a file with a list of restriction enzymes, their sequences
>and sources.  I am a little confused over the nomenclature of the sequences.
>C, T, A & G are obvious!  R stands for a Purine and Y stands for a
>Pyrimidine.  Does N stand for "any nucleotide"?  What about W and S?
>Any help is gratefully appreciated.

>Shawn Abigail
>abigail at

R = A or G	Y = T or C
W = A or T	S = G or C
M = A or C	K = G or T
H = A or T or C
B = C or T or G
V = A or C or G
D = A or G or T
N = A or C or G or T

I think I got it right!

cheers, John

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