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Last week I asked:
>Does anyone know of Universities
>that have graduate programs that have
>an emphasis (or program of study) in 
>computational molecular biology?

>Bill Sofer

These are the responses that I received. I tried to be 
careful in the attributions, but I offer no guarantees 
of my accuracy. In addition, I can't be responsible for 
any errors from the corespondents - I only collected 
their replies. However, if anyone has any corrections or 
additions, please let me know and I will post them.

*** Boston University
Department of Biomedical Engineering. Contact Temple 

*** Carnegie Mellon University
There are several, but I'm only going to tell you about 
the new program at CMU in computational biology recently 
funded by the Keck Foundation. Contact Prof. Robert 
Murphy for more information (MURPHY at A.CFR.CMU.EDU).
YES!  Here in Pittsburgh, we have the Keck Center for 
Advanced Training in Computational Biology, a 
collaborative program between Carnegie Mellon University 
and the University of Pittsburgh's departments of 
Computer Science and Biology.  For more information, you 
can contact Dr. Bruce Buchanan at Pitt/CS 
(buchanan at or Dr. Susan Henry at CMU/Biology 
(sh4b+ at
More specifically, I'm doing research precisely on 
computational molecular biology.  And, I'm looking for 
graduate students.  I've appended further details to 
this message. 
Feel free to share this message.  I look forward to your 

***George Mason University
A new program in Computational Science and Informatics.  
[I am currently teaching the bioinformatics course 
there.] For more information, contact Harold Morowitz 
(hmorowitz at or John Evans 
(jevans at

*** Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Eric Lander - esp. genetic mapping 

***Stanford University
D. Brutlag (Biochem), Sam Karlin (Math - actually 
statistics),, D. Botstein (genetic mapping)
Stanford Medical School.  One of the nation's best 
medical informatics programs, recently hired Russ Altman 
to teach computational biology.  For information, 
contact Ted Shortliffe (shortliffe at sumex-
We have a program at Stanford called Medical Information 
Sciences which deals with molecular biological tools as 
well as medical diagnostics.  Doug Brutlag, Ron Davis, 
David Botstein, Michael Walker are some key names who 
have demonstrated interest in furthering computational 
genetics. Botstein and Walker can be reached at: 
botstein at, walker at
Stanford Cell Biology (Michael Levitt); Stanford Medical 
Information Sciences
We have a degree granting program in Medical Information 
Sciences (in which all of my students participate) and 
we are in the midst of building a bioinformatics track 
(Biological Information Sciences).  We have several 
active faculty in this area, myself, Russ Altman, 
Michael Levitt, Sam Karlin among others.

***University of Arizona
Eugene Myers, et al. (CS) - combinatorial algorithms
***University of California, Berkeley
Eugene Lawler (CS), R. Karp (CS) -both combinatorial 
algorithms, Terry Speed (Stat), others in math (e.g. DNA 

***University of California, Davis
Dan Gusfield (CS) - combinatorial algorithms

***University of California, San Diego
UCSD is strong in this area.  Contact Doug Smith at 
dsmith at ucsd for info.

***UC San Diego - try the CS dept - it is interdiscplinary 
There is a recently advertised program at UC San Diego 
in Genome Analysis and Informatics that seems relevant. 
Information is available from
UC San Diego
Biology Student Affairs, 0125
3300 Miramar Road
La Jolla, CA 92037-9746

***University of California, San Francisco
UCSF has a department of pharmaceutical chemistry which 
has a very strong program in computational chemistry, 
maybe the best in the country. 

***University of Colorado, Boulder
Gary Stormo? (Mol. Biology)

***University of Georgia
The graduate program in Genetics at the University of 
Georgia has a program in computational molecular 
biology. For Further information contact:
Graduate Coordinator
Genetics Department
University of Georgia
Athens, GA 30602
(706) 542-8000
This program is folded into several training grants.

***University of Illinois
Then there is the Beckman Center effort at University of 
Illinois which is primarily an interdisciplinary program 
between biology and computer science.

***University of Missouri
We have a computer science department masters program 
that emphasizes molecular biology computer applications. 
That department is planning to offer a Ph.D. in the 
future. We have a grant from the National Library of 
Medicine "Integrating the Tools for Molecular Biology" 
that is to develop integrated tools for computer 
applications across heterogeneous platforms. This is a 
cooperative arrangement between Computer Science,  
Biochemistry, and Microbiology faculty on this campus 
with personnel at the  Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center. 
For additional information either write to me or to Dr. 
Gordon Springer
	Computer Science Department 
	University of Missouri
	Columbia, Missouri  65212

***University of North Carolina
I know that at the Univ. of North Carolina in Chapel 
Hill, we have a curriculum called Program in Molecular 
Biology and Biotechnology (PMBB).  Faculties from Dept. 
of Microbiology and PMBB offer a few courses in 
computational molecular biology.  I have also heard some 
rumors that they may start such a program explicitly.  I 
myself have an interest in this field and have been 
collaborating with researchers from departments above 
and the biochemistry in developing computational tools 
and techniques for various purposes such as biological 
sequence analysis, protein folding etc.  Hope this 

*** University of Pennsylvania
Pavel Pevzner (Math) at University Park (?)
[Is this perhaps Penn State? - Bill S.]

*** University of Pennsylvania Medical 
 Chris Overton and David Searles = logic programming / 
syntactic approaches to genomic sequence analysis

***University of Pittsburgh
*University of Pittsburgh (in conjunction with Carnegie 
Mellon). A new program in computational biology, funded 
by the Keck Foundation. For  information on that 
program, contact Bruce Buchanan  (buchanan at
(See also Carnegie-Mellon University)

*** University of Southern California
Mike Waterman (Math, Statistics),genomic sequence 
statistics, algorithms, statistics of mapping

***University of Utah
Math Dept. 

*** University of Washington, Seattle
Genetics Dept., Biotech Dept. - computational genetics, 
The new biotechnology department at the Univ. of 
Washington has as part of its area of interest 
computational molecular biology.  Since Lee Hood has 
only just this year arrived, there is no track record 
yet in terms of what kind of students will actually be 
part of the department.
Depending on what you want to compute, the molecular 
biotechnology department at the university of washington 
definitely has a strong computational bent.  We are not 
degree granting yet, but probably will be within 12 
months.  Current grads are in the immunology (me), 
bioengineering, or genetics departments.  Currently, 
Lee's vision of a graduate program has a graduate 
student work both on a cutting edge problem in molecular 
biology as well as a tool to solve it.  Such a tool 
could obviously be computational.  Of course, visions do 
not always become reality... 

***University of Wisconsin
I think that the computer science department at U of 
Wisconsin has such a program.  You might send email to 
shavlik at (Jude Shavlik) to inquire.  He is on 
the faculty there.
Deborah Joseph (CS) - algorithms, Jude Shavlik (CS) 
machine learning

***Washington State University, Pullman
A program in computational science  including biology 
that has been going for at least three years.  For more  
information, contact Keith Dunker 
(dunker at
Washington State University has a program that may be 
applicable -I'd suggest you contact Robert Miller 
(rmiller at as he is working in the program.

***Washington University
CS. Dept - Medical Informatics Program
Washington University, St. Louis.  They have just 
instituted a new Institute for Biological Comp

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