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In article <1993Apr2.171535.12014 at> klier at writes:
>>> stodola at -- Robert K. Stodola (occasionally) speaks for himself.
>In article <1ovcbr$hvt at>, u9a36 at (S Booth) writes:
BOOTH>>> Would you suggest that University libraries restrict
BOOTH>>> access to WAIS/Gopher/Archie servers, as well?
STODOLA>> I agree.  The net I think should be seen as as valid a resource for  
>> "book research" as the library.......

Then Kay Klier (a researcher and *botanic instructor*) comments...
>I see a big difference between using the WAIS/gopher/archie servers to
>locate information, and using the expertise of a newsgroup INSTEAD of 
>trying to find some of the information yourself from sources at hand.
>The point of this student's assignment was to not only learn about
>Gymnocladus, but to learn how to locate information on a particular
>species.  How do I know that?  I checked with the prof who made the
>Kay Klier  Biology Dept  UNI

I took a couple of hits from net-guru's because I originally suggested to
Tim that his request was inappropriate.  In fact, I suggested to the
student via email, 
that *possibly* his net-request might be contrary to his
University's Academic Honesty Policy  [ for example, if an instructor gives
a take-home exam and says: "use any library reference but do this yourself",
is it honest to post a request to BIONET? ]

What follows is *my* reply to a response from the student--read between the
lines and you can gather what for yourself just how much effort was
expended PRIOR to asking BIONET to do his homework....

>The Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature is the *last* place to look for
>the [botanic] info you seek.
>Reference librarians who know their stuff also know, not the easier ways,
>but the appropriate ways to look for materials: strategies and
>starting-point abstracts/indices *appropriate* to the specialty under
> does not search for electronics references the
>way one searches for botanic.  See your librarian, who will also not do
>the work for you, but will properly guide you to a starting point.
>Might I suggest:  Bio Abstracts...which will probably contain a listing
>by botanical Family, if not species.
>Agricola...agriculturally related stuff.
>There are several botanic abstracts.
>the ACS Chemical Abstracts (yes, Chemical Abstracts may list your
>	species if there is any chemical used from the plant).
>And if there is a reference in Chem Abstracts, then also look in Index
>Try forestry literature abstracts if it is a woody species (I assume from
>the name that it is a conifer, but that is a guess).
>Try the plant pathology abstracts...the species may be affected by disease.
>Look in Citation Index as probably the very first see if the
>species name...or the Family is a subject heading at anytime in the last
>several 10-year cululative indices.
>How about ecology abstracts?
>Your librarian knows where these all are...and would be recommending their
>use if you had *first* asked.
>This is different than asking for specific article references.....when you
>are on your own and have a job and must do this yourself, the very
>first acquaintance you will make at the library is the *best* reference
>librarian working there.  S/he will probably not know a single thing
>about the specific thing you are researching, but will know WHERE to
>begin looking.  :^)
>Readers Guide to the General Literature, I assume, is good for finding
>things published in The New Yorker....and that wasn't your assignment. :^)

It probably pains people to be reminded that freedom of wide-communications
via the Internet does not mean that we should forego ethical discretion in
replying....or at least, I have not yet suspended mine.

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