PEST protein sequences

Steven Joseph Szarka sjszarka at ACS.UCALGARY.CA
Mon Apr 5 16:28:03 EST 1993

The protein I am working with has led me to PEST sequences.
The reference I have which seems to be the first is:

S. Rogers, R. Wells, and M. Rechsteiner (1986)
Amino acid sequences common to rapidly degraded proteins:
The PEST hypothesis
Science 234: 364 

The suggestion in the paper is that (amoung other things)
protein domains high in P-proline, E-glutamine, S-serine, and
T-threonine may be responsible for a short half life of the
protein. I am interested in any comments or further information
on this theory which anyone can provide.

Also, the paper makes reference to an IBM program called 
PEST-FIND which searches amino acid sequences for protential 
PEST domains. I am currently trying to get a hold of M.
Rechsteiner at the Univ. of Utah. But if anyone else has used
this program or any other which will do the same type of
search could you please email me with any information you
may have. 

Many Thanks
Steve Szarka
University of Calgary, Canada
sjszarka at

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