A course on Hydric Soils

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The Cook College of Rutgers- The State University of New Jersey is
 offering short courses in Wetland Management.

Hydric Soils

Date: July 7 & 8 , 1993         Location: Albany, New York
      June 11 & 12 , 1993       Location: Central New Jersey

This two-day course is designed to familiarise environmental professionals and
others interested in wetland dilineation with the concept of hydric soils. 
This course will explain the use of hydric soils in the Federal wetland 
dilineation procedure and basic soil parameters needed to assess the presence 
of hydric soils in the field.

Concepts to be explained:
* Soil description terminology: horizon , color and texture
* Soil Formation: soil vs. non-soil,factors of soil formation,drainage classes
* Hydric soils: Introduction and definition
* Soil Classification
* Soil Orders
* Hydric Soil and Soil Taxonomy

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