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Tue Apr 6 03:31:59 EST 1993

In article <1993Apr6.104849.224 at>, cytogen at (Martin Kennedy) writes:
> In article <nash.88.0 at>, nash at (John Nash) writes:
>> R = A or G	Y = T or C
>> W = A or T	S = G or C
>> M = A or C	K = G or T
>> H = A or T or C
>> B = C or T or G
>> V = A or C or G
>> D = A or G or T
>> N = A or C or G or T

> Some very helpful mnemonics for these characters have just been posted on
> bionet.methds-reagnts if you are interested.

In fact they are more than just mnemonics, they are the real reasons for the
base codes. The source for these is Cornish-Bowden (1985); Nucl. Acids. Res.

The codes are the standard IUPAC-IUB base codes, so of course they are now
fixed - although I recall seeing somewhere that IUB recently changed its own
name :-)

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