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In article <1ps8js$cn6 at>, steffen at (David Steffen) writes:
>With regards to the proposed ACEDB group (; can
>one of the users expand a bit on what ACEDB can be used for?  Is it
>just for genomes, or might it be used for other kinds of biological
>databases as well?  Might it be useful for my database of information
>about oncogenes, proto-oncogenes, and tumor supressor genes?

ACEDB can be used with any type of information that is included in a
genome database.  For example, strains, clones, DNA and protein
sequences, researcher directory, genetic maps, physical maps, images,
locus, phenotypes, journal references, sequence similarity, to name a
few of the types of information we contain in AAtDB. The database is
general and configurable so you can contain most any type of text
information.  Briefly ACEDB is an object-like database which allows
you to create classes of objects containing a hierarchical tree of
information.  ACEDB contains specialized graphic displays for genetic
maps, physical maps and DNA sequences. Several groups are developing
new graphic displays for their needs, these will hopefully be included
within the standard ACEDB software in the future.  Some analysis
features, particularly for DNA sequences, are also included with
ACEDB. The basic documentation written by Durbin and Thierry-Mieg is
available via ftp from (IP in
the acedb_doc directory as tex or Postscript files.

Mike Cherry

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