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liptack at liptack at
Tue Apr 6 15:25:04 EST 1993

In regards to the proposal for an ACeDB Newsgroup

	I am strongly in favor of an ACEDB Newsgroup.  I am just
learning AAtDB (The Arabidopsis version of ACeDB) and I think a
newsgroup would be quite helful for beginners such as myself.  Instead
of constantly sending email to Mike Cherry or the rest of the people
involved in ACeDB and forcing them to answer the same question over
and over, or necessitating that we constantly reread updated manuals,
a newsgroup would allow users to communicate amongst
ourselves.  In addition, the Newsgroup would bring an element of
direct interaction amongst researchers unobtainable in ACeDB.  As more
people learn about AceDB (as well as AAtDB) and it's amazing array of
features become well known, the ACEDB Newsgroup would provide a useful
means of communication between all users.

				Mike Liptack
				Dept. of Biological Sciences
				Simon Fraser University
				Burnaby, B.C. V5A 1S6

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