CALL FOR DISCUSSION: CHROMOSOMES/bionet.genome.chromosomes

Francis Ouellette francis at MONOD.BIOL.MCGILL.CA
Tue Apr 6 15:01:09 EST 1993

> 	Greg Lennon and Bruce Roe propose to be discussion leaders
> for a new news group that would replace the .chromosome22 news group
> and the autoseqs at e-mail list.   
> The topics open for discussion in this new, combined, news group include:
>   1. Physical mapping of human, mouse and other mammalian chromosomes
>   2. Large-scale sequencing of cDNAs and chromosomes
>   3. Mapping of human, mouse and other mammalian cDNAs to chromosomes
>   4. Selection of chromosome-specific cDNAs
>   5. Generation of chromosome-specific clones and sequences
>      (STSs, microsatellites, etc.)  

I must admit that I am a bit disapointed that "autoseqs" does not contain 
a more important part of the mandate of this group.  I think a group dealing 
with automated sequencing  of all genomes, not just human, would have been more 
appropriate.  The autoseqs mailing list is doing a lot better as a list, than 
CH22 ever did.

I think there is an attempt here to put two groups together, which don't 
really belong together.  On one side you should have 
bionet.genome.human.chromosome and on the other you should have 

I understand that I am creating an extra level of hierchy, but it is just 
to make the point that these two groups don't really belong together.



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