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Francis Ouellette francis at monod.Biol.McGill.CA
Tue Apr 6 18:13:54 EST 1993

>> 1. Make sequencing a separate discussion group.  

>This is up to the discussion leaders.  To date the autoseqs group by
>itself has been *very* low volume and I am not that convinced that it
>would fly on its own yet.

I have two points here: 

1) Autoseqs mailing list was not a "mainstream" bionet/BIOSCI group, 
   and therefore did not have the advantage of the "advertizing" the 
   other groups have.

2) I think the volume of Autoseqs was sporatic, at best.  One would
   see "peaks" of activity.  I think "automated sequencing" of any
   DNA deserves it's own group, and will get a large readership over
   the next few months.

>>  2.  Include the possibility of making folks aware of the
>> location and availabilty of "useful" (e.g. for diagnosis) probes.  I realize
>> that this info will eventually show up in GDB.  However, this may take months
>> or years.

this topic will be of little interst to the sequencers of non-human
DNA, another reason for a seperate group for sequencers vs
genome.human.chromosome group.



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