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Francis Ouellette francis at monod.Biol.McGill.CA
Tue Apr 6 18:22:27 EST 1993

Mike Liptack (liptack at writes:

>In regards to the proposal for an ACeDB Newsgroup

>	I am strongly in favor of an ACEDB Newsgroup.  I am just
>learning AAtDB (The Arabidopsis version of ACeDB) and I think a
>newsgroup would be quite helful for beginners such as myself.

maybe this is a reason why we should have a general genome software
group, and not one specific to C. elegans. Maybe
would be a better idea (quick, where is my asbestos suit ... :)

This group could discuss ACeDB, AAtDB and things like SIGMA (System
for Integrated Genome Map Assembly) which work for the map of _any_
organism.  It would be *very* interesting to have all these genome
software developers and users in one group.



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PS hello to my SFU friends ... :)
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