CALL FOR DISCUSSION: CHROMOSOMES/bionet.genome.chromosomes

Philip L. Carl plc at MED.UNC.EDU
Wed Apr 7 09:38:31 EST 1993

Although I work on mammalian genes, and have some responsibilities for
the autmomated sequencing facility here at UNC, I must admit I have
some reservations about this newsgroup.  Many folks who run an autosequencer
may have customers are not really chromosome sequencing mavens-they just
want the sequence of this Drosophila gene or that yeast gene.  So I'm not
sure that we mammalian chromosome guys should take any actions that would
declare that if you are not working on mammalian chromosomes you are not
working on chromosomes period.  I agree that a Chromosome 22 interest
group seems a bit excessively narrow, but I'd like to see the charter of
the group embrace all chromosmes-not just mammalian ones.  Further, I think
the autoseqs bulletin board might generate enough technical volume as to be
distinct from the chromosome bulletin board.  I certainly applaud the
organizers of this bulletin board, but hope they will consider some of the pts I've made.

Phil Carl

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