bio-chrom newsgroup

Fred Waldman waldman at DMC.UCSF.EDU
Wed Apr 7 10:53:52 EST 1993

This sounds like a great focus for a separate newsgroup.  I have subscribed to
the chromosome 22 group for a while, not because I'm particularly interested
in 22, but because I'm always looking for new probes which may be useful in 
my studies of human cancer.

One are which is not included in the list of topics for the new group, however,
is Applications of New Probes.  I'm referring to those of us who feel that 
the Genome Projects are creating a scientific environment which allows progress
in other biologic fields (cancer, prenatal diagnosis, genetic diseases, etc.).
I would like to see this specifically mentioned in the charter.

Fred Waldman
Department of Laboratory Medicine
UC San Francisco

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