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> maybe this is a reason why we should have a general genome software
> group, and not one specific to C. elegans. Maybe
> would be a better idea (quick, where is my asbestos suit ... :) 
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I think there is a need for both general and specific software newsgroups. is probably an appropriate place for continuing discussion
of comparative and generic issues, but there is also a need for somewhere
to discuss and archive nitty gritty details that are only of interest to
those that are currently using or seriously considering using a particular
software package. This only makes sense, of course, if the software package
is being used by a sufficient number of individuals and organizations to
justify a separate newsgroup. ACEDB is now being used by a sufficient
number of organizations that it meets this test.

LBL has been using ACEDB for a variety of projects for the past year. The
list now includes drosophila, human chromosome 21, forest trees, wheat, and
The ACEDB software is not specific to C. elegans, but is being used for a
variety of different genome projects throughout the world, and usage seems
to be growing. Since last summer, we have been using a standard Email and a
couple of semi-public newsgroups (set up by Doug Bigwood at the National
Agricultural Library as part of the plant genome project) for questions and
discussions regarding ACEDB. But that is not entirely satisfactory, since
it does not include the whole community of people who are using ACEDB.
Since many of our projects use ACEDB and involve collaborators around the
world, an ACEDB newsgroup would help make our interactions more available
to others.

As Mike Liptack originally suggested, an ACEDB newsgroup might also help
save people who are working on ACEDB development (notably Richard Durbin
and Jean Thierry-Mieg) from answering some questions over and over again.

At the first ACEDB Workshop in Cambridge last May, we discussed the idea of
setting up an ACEDB newsgroup but decided that the time was not quite ripe.
Now I think the time has come and is perhaps even overdue. Richard Durbin,
one of the co-authors of ACEDB, has now given his blessing to setting a
newsgroup, and has agreed to use it as means of answering questions,
soliciting ideas, etc.

I hope we can get it going soon.

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