Do we need THREE genome newsgroups?

David Kristofferson kristoff at
Fri Apr 9 17:14:59 EST 1993


	You raise some excellent points.  I'd like to hear comments
from Mike, Greg, and Bruce in response.

	I will add that the HUMAN-GENOME-PROGRAM newsgroup,
bionet.molbio.genome-program, was set up a long time back under the
sponsorship of NCHGR.  Frankly, they have made only limited use of
that group.  I would raise the question also, possibly to be answered
by Mark Guyer, Jane Peterson, or David Benton at NCHGR, as to whether
we might consider the idea of having Mike, Greg, and Bruce becoming
co-discussion leaders on this group in place of NCHGR if (a) this is
acceptable to all parties above and (b) there is really a chance that the
somewhat diverse potential readership groups can all co-exist in one
forum.  It would certainly facilitate more inter-disciplinary
communications, but would it result in a lot of people tuning out the
newsgroup completely because they didn't want to read technical
discussions of ACEDB software?!?!


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				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

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