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Sat Apr 10 05:03:25 EST 1993

Dear netters:
	I am serching for a sorce program of generalized Procrustes
analysis to apply to my anthropological data.  I found this method in
the book of Multivariate Statistical Methods in Physical Anthoropology
(1984, Van Vark,GN and WW. Howells ed., pp21-36), which said
generalized Procrustes analysis was available as a Genstat macro in
the Macro Library.  I do not know how to contact with the Genstat.
Please tell me a connection to the Genstat or send me a sorce program
(available for f77, c, S) of generalized or more advanced version of
Procrustes analysis.
References :
Gower, J.C.:1975, Generalized Procrustes analysis. Psychometrika,
Genstat Manual:1977, GENSTAT, a general statistical program. Oxford:
	Numerical Algorithms Group.
 Sapporo Medical College, Sapporo 060 Japan
 KONDO OSAMU $@6aF#(J $@=$(J
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