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Sun Apr 11 13:57:06 EST 1993

In article <1993Apr10.082246.3032 at> lebowitz at (Robert J. Lebowitz) writes:
>I'm teaching a new course on biological applications of computers this
>quarter and I'm looking for more videos to show the students that
>illustrate historically important work in the field, or convey some
>interesting facets of computers that biologists can relate to. I've
>shown "The computer, the KGB and me" and I'm purchasing "Artificial Life
         ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ -- dunno this one. biology?

>II" this week.  Any other good titles I should look at?

Don't know about titles, but I'll tell you a hot pair I saw in a 1989
seminar (at the SFI Complex Systems Summer school, Santa Fe). That was
a time lapse film of teleost epiboly made by J. P. Trinkhaus (Yale
Biology) followed by a computer animation of solutions to a dynamical
model of the process done by George Oster and a student. The film is
pretty impressive, and was 'certified' by Trink  as capturing the key
biological processes. George Oster is in the Dept. of Zoology, UC
Berkeley. He's *very* good, and has many other excellent computer
animations that are quite biological, which is not always true of Alife stuff.

I have no clue if he gives these things out or what, and maybe I'm out
of line mentioning his name here. On the other hand, there's no harm
in writing to him. I'm motivated to mention him in part because I
think his stuff is so good that it merits widespread circulation.


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