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I write:

>In article <francis.734138547 at monod>, francis at monod.Biol.McGill.CA (Francis
>Ouellette) wrote:
>> maybe this is a reason why we should have a general genome software
>> group, and not one specific to C. elegans. Maybe
>> would be a better idea (quick, where is my asbestos suit ... :) 

then jlmccarthy at (John L. McCarthy) writes:

>I think there is a need for both general and specific software newsgroups.
> is probably an appropriate place for continuing discussion
>of comparative and generic issues, but there is also a need for somewhere
>to discuss and archive nitty gritty details that are only of interest to
>those that are currently using or seriously considering using a particular
>software package. This only makes sense, of course, if the software package
>is being used by a sufficient number of individuals and organizations to
>justify a separate newsgroup. ACEDB is now being used by a sufficient
>number of organizations that it meets this test.

my point was not for a general group (we already have
that, and it is probably the 2nd most used group in the bionet tree
(after methods, not counting genbank.updates), but for a general
software.GENOME group ... where ACEDB, and the others would be
discussed ...  the thing I don't like about this group is not the
charter (although it could be a bit more loose) but the name which
does *imply* that this group will discuss ACeDB *only*.  My point is
to attrack as many genome software people as possible.  I agree that a
point could be made that if you are interested in genome software, you
are aware of ACeDB, and you would therefore read this group .... but I
will not make it :)

>As Mike Liptack originally suggested, an ACEDB newsgroup might also help
>save people who are working on ACEDB development (notably Richard Durbin
>and Jean Thierry-Mieg) from answering some questions over and over again.

I think this is a good point as well.



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