Do we need THREE genome newsgroups?

Francis Ouellette francis at monod.Biol.McGill.CA
Mon Apr 12 13:36:03 EST 1993

CLARK at SALK-SC2.SDSC.EDU (Steve Clark) writes:

>I strongly believe that there should be a forum to discuss
>genome issues but there is a possibility that the groups could become too
>fragmented to be useful. 

>	So, let me propose, informally, that there be one genome newsgroup 
>devoted to ALL aspects of genome science, for both eukaryotes and 
>prokaryotes, for discussion of software, reagents, techniques, funding, 
>meetings, yeast contamination of cDNA libraries, or whatever.

I like this idea, but Dave K. makes also the good point that:

> from kristoff at (David Kristofferson)
>It would certainly facilitate more inter-disciplinary
>communications, but would it result in a lot of people tuning out the
>newsgroup completely because they didn't want to read technical
>discussions of ACEDB software?!?!

To which I say ... lets just give it a try ...  I think if there is a
general genome group, with a very broad mandate to deal with all
things to do with genomes ... we will get a big crowd involved, and
then, groups (ACeDB?) can splinter off.



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