Microdiffusion Quantification of Cyanide

jp9787 at PANAM1.PANAM.EDU jp9787 at PANAM1.PANAM.EDU
Tue Apr 13 11:40:38 EST 1993

Greetings Bionetters,

     I have already posted this request on the methods-and-reagents group, 
so I apologize for any duplications.  I am looking for anyone familiar with
the Conway microdiffusion method for the quantification of cyanide.  I have 
been using it to determine cyanide concentrations in tissue homogenates
( 20% w:v in .25 M sucrose).  The results that I have been getting seem, in
my opinion, a bit questionable.  I am looking for some advice on this method,
or perhaps a suggestion as to any other cyanide quantification methods that 
would suit my purpose.  Please e-mail responses directly to JP9787 at PANAM.

Thank you,

John Piper
Lab Technician
The University of Texas Pan American - M.B.R.S. Department
1201 W. University Dr. 
Edinburg, TX  78539
Internet and Bitnet:  JP9787 at PANAM

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