Do we need FIVE genome newsgroups??

roger at roger at
Tue Apr 13 08:09:00 EST 1993

Proposed groups:

Existing groups:
		.chrom22 (to be superceded by .chromosomes?)

	My own preference is for a single group dealing with the Human 
Genome Project, primarily (but not exclusively) oriented to the 
dissemination and discussion of the data that this program is generating. 
This group would incorporate the low-volume gene-linkage, gdb and
genome-program groups and the proposed chromosome newsgroup. I guess the 
easiest way to accomplish this would be to redefine the charter of the 
genome-program group and forget all the others.

	I suggest a separate group for all other (non-human) genome topics. 

	The proposed ACEDB group should be organised within the hierarchy.

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