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Tue Apr 13 00:35:14 EST 1993

Francis Oullette  wrote>
>my point was not for a general group (we already have
>that, and it is probably the 2nd most used group in the bionet tree
>(after methods, not counting genbank.updates), but for a general
>software.GENOME group ... where ACEDB, and the others would be
>discussed ...  the thing I don't like about this group is not the
>charter (although it could be a bit more loose) but the name which
>does *imply* that this group will discuss ACeDB *only*.  My point is
>to attrack as many genome software people as possible.  I agree that a
>point could be made that if you are interested in genome software, you
>are aware of ACeDB, and you would therefore read this group .... but I
>will not make it :)
I agree with Francis--it has become very obvious to me after a short time
of reading the along with the computational biology group
that there needs to be a place to concentrate on analysis of genome data.
I realize that a lot of groups are now starting to use ACeDB and it would
be very helpful to have a place to discuss the in and outs of it, BUT
1)there is other software that should not be excluded
2)I think we should not assume that it would be obvious to anyone interested
in genome software would know what an ACeDB group was all about.

I think there should be two genome news groups:
1) methods
2) software

Mellissa Cobb
UC Berkeley
mcobb at

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