Support for address has changed

Kenton A. Hoover shibumi at
Tue Apr 13 18:36:57 EST 1993

As of this morning, we have changed the way that the address is
supported.  Mail sent to <mailing_list_address> will continue
to be delivered correctly, however, any attempt to TELNET or FTP into the machine will fail.  This change reflects the reality that the machine was removed from service six months ago, and that
we have gotten tired of people still trying to log in as 'genbank' or FTP the
now-missing GenBank databases.  

We make no committment as to how long will remain a mail
pseudonym for  If you have any automated scripts that use the
incorrect rather than the correct, we suggest that 
you make the name change immediately.  

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| BIOSCI Network Administrator                     |                          |
| BIOSCI/IntelliGenetics, Inc.                     |          +1 415 962 7300 |

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