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In article <1qdjei$98j at> mcobb at fly2 (Mellissa Marie Curie Cobb;539 LSA;3-9944) writes:
>Francis Oullette  wrote>
>>my point was not for a general group (we already have
>>that, and it is probably the 2nd most used group in the bionet tree
>>(after methods, not counting genbank.updates), but for a general
>>software.GENOME group ... where ACEDB, and the others would be
>>discussed ...  the thing I don't like about this group is not the

It is unfortunate that it is difficult to disambiguate the C. elegans
database from the ACEDB software.  I also agree that the group *might*
be too narrowly focused to generate a critical mass of commentary.

That said, I would argue in favor of the single-thread newsgroup.
I would be reticent to contribute --and would be surprised to find--
very detailed information about ACEDB in a forum where a significant
fraction of the participants are primarily interested in different
software or in metadiscussions about genome mapping database software.

And I have never found empty newsgroups to be a problem.


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