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In article <francis.734638647 at monod>, francis at monod.Biol.McGill.CA (Francis Ouellette) writes:

...much deleted...

>discussed ...  the thing I don't like about this group is not the
>charter (although it could be a bit more loose) but the name which
>does *imply* that this group will discuss ACeDB *only*.  My point is
>>to attrack as many genome software people as possible.  I agree that a
>>point could be made that if you are interested in genome software, you
>>are aware of ACeDB, and you would therefore read this group .... but I
>>will not make it :)

It is a group for discussing ACEDB *ONLY*. That is the ACEDB
*Software*, the group as proposed is All the
other databases using the ACEDB software use exactly the same
executables.  It is the same software!

There are currently a couple of mailing lists for groups using the
ACEDB software.  From this I believe the amount of traffic on an ACEDB
specific group would indicate that a specific group for ACEDB is


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