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Fran Lewitter lewitter at
Thu Apr 15 08:22:26 EST 1993

>I have a student who thinks she would like to become a genetic
>counselor.  Pardon my ignorance, but are there degree programs
>out there in this field?  If so, I sould greatly appreciate any
>information you can provide regarding these programs, and about
>what prerequisites they might be looking for in a prospective
>graduate student.  Thanks.

There are a dozen or so programs in the US which offer an MS degree in 
Genetic Counseling, and currently, there are about 1000 board certified 
Genetic Counselors.

The newest program is run here at Brandeis University, Department of 
Biology. We have established affiliations with many of the hospitals and 
clinics in the Boston area for clinical internships.

Because of our further understanding of genetic diseases, genetic 
counselors will be needed in growing numbers to explain facts, advise on 
choices and help set public policy in a number of settings: in hospitals
clinics to counsel families who are affected by or may be at risk for a 
genetic disorder; in diagnostic laboratories as resource people for 
physicians and their patients; and in government agencies to design 
genetic education programs, help set public health policy and develop 
more effective ways of communicating the many new findings to 
employers, insurers and the public at large.

For more information about the field of Genetic Counseling and all of the 
US programs, contact:

National Society of Genetic Counselors
233 Canterbury drive
Wallingford, PA 19086
Executive Director:  Bea Leopold

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