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Fri Apr 16 11:53:03 EST 1993

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We wish to start a database for useful information about research
biocomputing environments in order to help people learn from each other, 
so that people don't have to re-invent the wheel every time they have 
to get somewhere. We've named it:

 	The Biocomputing Environment Database (BED)


The database will collect info about biocomputing at all levels, specifically:
	(1) hardware and operating system;
	(2) application software; 
	(3) other site information related to providing (managing) a 
	    successful biocomputing environment.

Initially, we are basically after info on (1) and (2) to get started.


Basically, we will collect information that can be initially perused,
and, later, queried in more sophisticated ways.  You might be able to
find another site that is either using a package that you are interested
in, or might have a similar problem that you are experiencing.  Or you could
simply use the information to see what is, in fact, most used.

The database can't carry all possible info, but it can signpost the way. 


	If you'd like to join the database, simply send the following
information to us at bed at

	(1) A contact name, postal mailing address, phone, fax and e-mail 
	(2) What main hardware and OS your site utilizes;  
	(3) What application software you run, biocomputing and otherwise;

*	(4) What the range of your interactive service is: does it serve 
*	    interactive users in a lab, department, institute, or nation?
*	(5) Any suggestions you have for anything else to go
*	    in the database.

Options 4 and 5 are optional; information can be provided by a list,
a narrative, or whatever suits you.  All levels of groups are invited to

Hoping to hear from you!

Ernie Retzel, University of Minnesota (ernest at
Duncan Rouch, Birmingham University UK (D.A.ROUCH at Bham.AC.UK)

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