AIDS and Blood Donation

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>Good point.  In Australia, we are notified of anything bodgy in the
>blood (syphilis, AIDS, hepatitis, etc).  But Australia has ONE blood
>bank system, run by the Red Cross, not many (some private?) as in
>the US.  This is probably the source of the communication problem.
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Not clear to me if you think it is because the U.S. is not solely under the
Red Cross......thank goodness it is NOT!  To remind you: last year the
*entire* top national administration and the regional chiefs were SUMMARILY
sacked for near-criminal incompetence in the matter of AIDS testing.....and
gross failure to safe-guard against administration of HIV-contaminated blood
to innocent recipients EVEN WHEN THE PRESENCE OF HIV was known.  

On the other hand, my local hospital runs it's own bloodbank and services
other local hospitals precisely because the Red Cross bloodbank system is

BTW, anybody that is worried about being HIV+ and relies on report-back from
donation of blood.... is a BOZO!

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