MIPS network unreachable ...

Roy Omond omond at embl-heidelberg.de
Fri Apr 16 10:31:19 EST 1993


MIPS (ehpmic.mips.biochem.mpg.de) in Martinsried has returned to the
world of e-mail.

However they appear to have misconfigured their mailer, such that mail
from MIPS is being sent with a "short-form" address instead of the
proper fully-qualified-domain-name.  I must admit I am surprised at
this, since they are using VMS, where configuring e-mail is easy
compared to that dog's breakfast called sendmail on Un*x machines.

*sigh* ...

Roy Omond
System Manager/PostMaster etc. etc.
European Molecular Biology Laboratory
Heidelberg, Germany.

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