Blood Donation and AIDS

Bill Melchior wmelchior at
Thu Apr 15 13:46:30 EST 1993

Cliff writesthat he has heard:
> [while] blood banks screen blood for AIDS, they don't
> keep track of who donated the blood in question in order to get back to
> the donor to notify them in the event that HIV is discovered.  Can
> anyone shed light on this?   If one donates blood, will the donor
> be notified if HIV is detected?   No one seems to agree on this issue.

I don't have direct knowledge, but seem to remember reading (Science?) that
one of the problems with false positives in screening blood donations is
that individuals who ever test positive are prohibited from donating, even
if subsequent testing by more adequate methods indicates that the original
quick result was in error; the result is a decrease in the number of
qualified donors. 

I also would like to see a definitive response to this question.
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