Amphetamine and Metabolism

B. Jonathan Bieley bieley at Reed.Edu
Sat Apr 17 01:25:42 EST 1993

I am looking to scale an amphetamine dosage from the literature from mice  
to rats. So, I am looking for references in two related areas:
	- the effect basal metabolic rate, and changes in metabolc rate,
 		have on the pharmacology of amphetamine, i.e. do I really
 		have to care about this or am I being overly cautious?
 			This would probably be within subjects but across
 			task condition, such as resting versus running, or
			this would be intraspecific relationships based on 
			basal metabolic rate.
	- the differences in basal metabolic rate between mice and rats. 
		Specifically I need to get some idea of the interspecific 
		scalling of basal metabolic rate so that if I can scale 
		the dosage accordingly.

Jon Bieley
Department of Psychology
Reed College
Portland, Oregon
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