Paleo TYPE Specimen Database

Robert Guralnick robg at fossil.Berkeley.EDU
Sat Apr 17 20:14:18 EST 1993

	A quick note to the greater Biological Community!

	I have just finished some final touches on a WAISindexed 
Type Specimen Database for the Museum of Paleontology at the University
of California at Berkeley.  The index is not yet registered with the
Directory of Servers but is available via our gopher.  With your client
you can just type "gopher" and then choose the directory
"Museum of Paleontology TYPE Specimen Database".   You can also reach our 
gopher through the "mother of all gophers" under "California" and "University
of California at Berkeley - Museum of Paleontology".
	We have included taxanomic, locality and citation information for
each of the over 11,000 database entries.  If you have any questions or 
comments about the index or the gopher server, or if you have questions
regarding our specimens, you may either use the "Museum Information Request
Form" on the gopher or email me directly. Thanks. 

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