Science declines to publish BIOSCI letter once again 8-(

Dave Kristofferson kristoff at NET.BIO.NET
Mon Apr 19 17:02:38 EST 1993

>    I have been meaning to bring up the issue of TIBS. They have started a
> regulat column on bio-computing. I have seen two of these (there may have
> been a third that I missed). So far they have all managed to avoid mentioning
> bionet, even though at least two of the articles (there are multiple articles
> per issue) were sort of general overviews of network related issues.
>    It seems to me that even those biologists who are computer oriented enough
> to publish about it either don't know or don't care about bionet. What can
> we do about that?
> DanZ


	I was contacted by TIBS a month or two ago about this column
and, at the time, it appeared that they were either going to write an
article about BIOSCI or ask me to write one.  The editor has not
replied to my offer to do the latter yet.


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