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Daniel Zabetakis dan at
Mon Apr 19 09:59:57 EST 1993

In article <1993Apr19.113443.9773 at> jcjb at (Jenny Barna) writes:
>|> DanZ
> We have had the gopher article so I hope
>you read aboyt BIONET soon.

   IMHO, the gopher article was exactly what is the problem with getting
attention for bionet. It gave a loose description of what you may be able
to use gopher for. But of course it couldn't give full directions on how
to go from your PC (which may not be conncted to anything) to full use
of gopher. At the time where it could have said "If you have access to the
internat, check out bionet/BIOSCI...", the article instead dwindled off into
some vague suggestion that you go find someone at your university who knows 
more than you do.
   I'm sure space limitations have an effect on this. Maybe afteran article
on bionet other authors will be able to cite it and suggest using it. Maybe.
I certainly think an article on bionet should probably have been of higher
priority than one about gopher. In part because this is the perfect place
to go for help about gopher.
   It seems to me that it is the fact that those who care about computing
don't care about bionet that is holding us back.


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