Science declines to publish BIOSCI letter once again 8-(

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|> >The letter that I mailed in was brief, with one paragraph mentioning
|> >some of the uses of BIOSCI and a second giving our e-mail address to
|> >contact for further information.  Unfortunately, Science is once again
|> >going to leave biologists in the dark about BIOSCI.
|> >
|>    I have been meaning to bring up the issue of TIBS. They have started a
|> regulat column on bio-computing. I have seen two of these (there may have
|> been a third that I missed). So far they have all managed to avoid mentioning
|> bionet, even though at least two of the articles (there are multiple articles
|> per issue) were sort of general overviews of network related issues.
|>    It seems to me that even those biologists who are computer oriented enough
|> to publish about it either don't know or don't care about bionet. What can
|> we do about that?
|> DanZ

To set your minds at rest: at least one article extolling the virtues of BIONET
should be 'in press'. Moreover I tried to put Dave K and the editors of TIBS in
touch with a view to making up for the abortive Science article.  I was
specifically asked to write about running a molecular biology computing service
(please note, everyone, that I have no reprints to post you!) and I suggested
(in my role as unofficial advisor on this series) that articles should be sought
about things like gopher, BIONET etc.  We have had the gopher article so I hope
you read aboyt BIONET soon.

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