Life after MS Plant Breeding?

David H Brown brownd at
Mon Apr 19 21:44:14 EST 1993

NOTE: if you're inclined to follow-up to this post, please note that this is
extensively cross-posted. Replies by email to brow0046 at
would be best. Please forgive me if I don't follow the groups too carefully
myself... this is "posted for a friend (TM)."

My wife is currently about 10 months into a MS in Plant Breeding with a minor
in plant pathology and an emphasis on horticultural crops.

Her particular interests include sustainable agriculture, plant genetics, and
mostly she just wants to be able to _work_ with _plants_ as opposed to
supervising research, writing grants, teaching, etc.

She would very much appreciate exchanging email with other persons with
similar interests, particularly anyone who could lend insight into possible
career opportunities... the possible light at the end of the tunnel cannot
yet be seen because of too many possibilities branching ahead.

If you were able to send her mail directly (brow0046 at it
would be very helpful. If you prefer to just reply to this post, I will be
happy to pass your message on... (She has email, but not newsgroup access.)

Thank you very much.

Dave Brown (brownd at

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