Getting to know you (was: Re: Science declines to publi)

Dave Kristofferson kristoff at NET.BIO.NET
Tue Apr 20 12:07:51 EST 1993

> In <1993Apr19.145957.14152 at> dan at (Daniel Zabetakis) writes:
> [about the GOPHER article in TIBS]
> >At the time where it could have said "If you have access to the
> >internat, check out bionet/BIOSCI...", the article instead dwindled off into
> >some vague suggestion that you go find someone at your university who knows 
> >more than you do.
> IMO it is better to ask for information locally than world-wide. If I
> remember correctly, this was one of the basic rules of netiquette.
> In addition, I think it is easier to use Gopher than to fight with
> an email or news system. (Maybe this is not true in the US, where
> apparently almost everybody can get net or news access.)
> Maybe Don could comment on this discussion? He should know why he
> didn't mention Bionet in his article :-)
> --Cornelius.

I have been contacted by TIBS today and hope to get something worked
out soon.


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