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Tue Apr 20 11:23:59 EST 1993

In <1993Apr19.145957.14152 at> dan at (Daniel Zabetakis) writes:

[about the GOPHER article in TIBS]

>At the time where it could have said "If you have access to the
>internat, check out bionet/BIOSCI...", the article instead dwindled off into
>some vague suggestion that you go find someone at your university who knows 
>more than you do.

IMO it is better to ask for information locally than world-wide. If I
remember correctly, this was one of the basic rules of netiquette.
In addition, I think it is easier to use Gopher than to fight with
an email or news system. (Maybe this is not true in the US, where
apparently almost everybody can get net or news access.)

Maybe Don could comment on this discussion? He should know why he
didn't mention Bionet in his article :-)

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