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Thu Apr 22 09:30:25 EST 1993

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dan at (Daniel Zabetakis) writes:
>    On the back of the ATCC catalog is a cryptic blurb about there
>being an on-line version of the catalog. Is there one? Where is it,
>and how do you connect?
>   We are looking for a strain that is rumored to be in the ATCC, but
>doesn't appear in the catalogs we have. If the online version is more
>up to date, then that would be good.
I have the info somewhere in my files, but if you call them up they
will give you all the info you need to attach to their system. They
will also send you a packet with all the instructions. The system is
menu driven and is pretty easy to navigate. I have found the folks
there to be very helpful. It would be quicker to call them than for
me to find the info in my storage facility!
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