Newsgroup on Cancer?

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Una Smith was helpful and sent me this info on a cancer server (Thanks
again, Una). However, I have had a look, and the contents are intended for
clinicians and the treatment of cancer, rather than what I suggest for a
new group, which should be for research purposes.

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Besides the listserv groups I mentioned previously, there is:


CancerNet is a quick and easy way to obtain, through electronic
mail, recommended treatment guidelines from the National Cancer
Institute's Physician Data Query (PDQ) system in English or
Spanish. CancerNet also lets you request information about PDQ, PDQ
distributors, and other products and services from the NCI,
including a list of patient publications available from the Office
of Cancer Communications.  You can access CancerNet through a
number of different networks including BITNET and Internet.  There
is no charge for the service unless your local computer center
charges for use of e-mail.  The CancerNet Contents List may change
as new statements and other information is included.

If you have any problems accessing CancerNet, you may call
1-301-496-7403 or send a mail message to cheryl at
on the Internet.


       1.  Address your mail message to:

                        cancernet at

       If you are not on Internet, you may have to change the
       format of the address.  Consult your systems manager for
       the correct address format.

       2.  Leave the subject line of the message blank (hit CR).

       3.  In the body of the message:

          a. If you need the CancerNet contents list, enter "help"
          to receive the most current list in English.  For
          example, to receive the contents list:

                     To: cancernet at
                     Subject: < Leave this blank >
                     help  <This is the body of the message..>

             To request the contents list in Spanish, enter
               "spanish" in the body of the message.

         b. If you have the CancerNet contents list and would like
          to request a particular statement or piece of
          information, enter the code from the Contents List for
          the desired information.  If you want more than one piece
          of information, enter the code for each piece of
          information desired on a separate line within the

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