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Dave Kristofferson kristoff at NET.BIO.NET
Thu Apr 22 15:43:16 EST 1993

> I agree about a broad starting point .... I have personally that kind of
> background, and I got to use the net for a series of reason related to
> my scientific interests, but usually cell biologists don't use computers
> that much.
> F. Bignone

Many don't but, in my last academic incarnation (1986), I was a cell
biologist with Marc Kirschner at UCSF and used computers extensively
in processing micrographs and analyzing data.  This, of course, did
not require access to a network though.

I personally would welcome such a group, but I agree that it is hard
to predict ahead of a vote how many of those types are lurking out on
the net right now.

I talked to the ASCB representative at the recent FASEB meeting (as
well as people from the American Society of Physiology, the American
Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and the FASEB group
itself), and will be following up on this shortly to try to increase
network awareness among this group.  I also hope to give a talk and
lobby further at the ASCB meeting late this year.  If such a group is
not timely currently, I am predicting that it will be by early 1994 at
the latest.  Maybe it could survive a vote right now?!?!?

I also attended a session at FASEB on the education/training of grad
students in physiology and pharmacology.  Every one of the invited
speakers talked about the need for collaborations in these
increasingly interdisciplinary fields, so I got up during the discussion
section and told the group of over 100 people how this was being done
right now on the networks.  Perhaps we will see more physiologists and
pharmacologists in the near future, too.


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