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Date: 20 Apr 93 15:35:50 GMT
From: mvore at fedix.fie.com (Mike Vore W3CCV)
Subject: New Gopher ready for listing
Newsgroups: comp.infosystems.gopher
Organization: UTexas Mail-to-News Gateway

The fedix gopher is now up and running, while it is under construction
and in an experimental configuration, it is available for listing.

Since we are not specific to any geographic area it would not be
appropriate to post us only under Maryland, but should be posted in some
area that specializes in Data Servers.  Here is our suggested .link file

Name=Federal Info. Exchange (FEDIX) (Under Construction - experimental)

Here is a very short exerpt from our brochure that attempts to describe us.

FEDIX and MOLIS, on-line services of Federal Information Exchange,
Inc., are the information links between the Federal government and
academia.  FEDIX databases provide online information on agency research
opportunities, program contacts, scholarships, research equipment,
procurement notices, and minority opportunities.

- mike vore
   system manager / gopher farmer

   Michael Vore
   System Admin
     mvore at fedix.fie.com   voice (301)-975-0103

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