Lead article on Internet in InfoWorld 12 April 1993

Stephen Modena nmodena at ncsu.edu
Fri Apr 23 16:55:26 EST 1993

"Special Report:

"Booming Commercial Use Changes Face of Internet

"   Security, legal issues coming up

"By Cheryl Gerber

"After the world's largest network lifted it's decade-old ban on business
in the summer of 1991, commercial use of Internet skyrocketed to what is now
approaching 500,000 new comercial users.

"The Inernet was easy to overlook before last year's commercial growth.
With its roots in the esoteric camps of scientific research and government
and an elusive structure reminescent of a high-tech Mensa Society cult,
the Internet was a vast labyrinth used by technicians and hidden from the

"But changes in technology and policy have ignited commercial interest in
the Internet......."

The rest you can read by speaking with your local computer guru for his
copy of InfoWorld...story runs a full page inside (a page is almost the
size of two standard sheets of paper).

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