Gateways, Mailing Lists and Usenet

Peter Kuhlman pkuhlman at
Mon Apr 26 11:42:30 EST 1993

Mike Cherry writes:
: I think its too bad that Una and Dave are fighting again. I can see
: both of their positions are valid. However I'm not really sure there
: is a problem, other than Una and Dave's ability to be civil in this
: forum.  


: Is this just another meta-discussion that is of little concern -- or
: does any one care?

I'm relatively new to the wonderful worlds of USENET and BIONET,
and so do not feel qualified to take a stand on all of this, but 
as someone whose scientific career is only beginning, and who will
doubtless rely more and more on elctronic media and communication,
I'd just like to say:
I care and I think this discussion is of considerable concern to all
of us who use this forum.

-Peter Kuhlman
pkuhlman at

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