Gateways, mailing lists and the 3rd World

rybicki at rybicki at
Mon Apr 26 04:42:28 EST 1993

My 6c' worth (2 US = 6 SA): All this talk of gateways, and LISTSERVs, and
USENET, and the Third World...we get a USENET feed, and most (not all) of
the BIONET groups are on it - and the dwell time of the posts is so short,
if you don't log in for a couple of days, you lose half the traffic in a 
week! We are regarded as having a sophisticated setup, the envy of most of
the rest of Africa, and if we have a problem with USENET, I'd hate to see
what happens elsewhere outside of Europe and the US.

Stick with mailing lists, guys - that's how I get the BIONET groups not
included in our USENET feed, and how I manage to keep a database of methods
and info culled from those groups growing and updated.  If I had to rely
on getting it thru USENET on our mainframe, I would have given up in disgust
a long time ago.
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