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> I suggested a while ago that it might be useful to have a newsgroup on
> cancer research. Presently I am considering a charter, taking into
> consideration emails  from various people.
> What I presently miss on bionet is a forum for cell biology, cell function
> etc, and I think there is no reason to exclude people or subjects not
> related to cancer or cancer research. My impression is that there are not
> too many cell biologists or non-molecular-biological cancer researchers on
> the net, so the charter should be broad at least to start with.
> I am therefore considering whether a title like cell-biol would be more
> apropriate and would like to hear what people think.
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Yes!  I think cell-biol would be highly appropriate and useful to 
a large number of people.   Also it recognises the fact that rigid
lines between areas of research are unrealistic;  cell structure
blends into cell cycle blends into cell signalling etc etc.


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