Gateway proposal dies

Reinhard Doelz doelz at
Mon Apr 26 00:52:02 EST 1993

lets stay realistic. What happened was reality of today's biocomputing. 
Unless we all get all grants approved we ever submitted, a non-negotiable
stress will be imposed on our work. Competition and differences in opinion
are natural, expected, and (if at all) difficult to resolve due to the 
lack of long-term commitments on the funding side. At the time, I would suggest a different way of running (I will do in the future), 
I am aware that this may or may not be appreciated by "the net". Despite
my occasionally agressive postings, I highly appreciate Dave's and Una's
work. BOTH are involved in a business where they're shot if it doesn't work
and they get gripes rather than cheers all the day. Not to forget the 
good guys on the british part of the atlantic running also a service 
being rarely appreciated in the public. As information spreads, we need 
to join forces rather than compete. So, please, all concerned, lets come 
back to productivity. 


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