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Nainish Bapna nb2 at
Tue Apr 27 03:26:25 EST 1993

	Email lists of Graduate Admission Depts

Dear All,

I wish to compile a list of e-mail addresses for all graduate admission offices.
There are already Computer Science and Electrical Engineering lists, but
none for other disciplines.

I believe that it would be very helpful for all users of email if they could
contact graduate offices by email, because IMHO it is the best form of

So, I would be most grateful if you would all send me the email addresses
of any graduate office for any subject for any university in the world!
(This will be THE definitive list - hopefully).

Please post this article on to any other newsgroup that you think is

Thanks guys, but please remember I need everybodys help to make this work.

The lists will be available in a few weeks.

Thanks again!

Nainish Bapna
nb2 at
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Nainish Bapna

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