Whether bionet/BIOSCI in the "modern" world?

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Tue Apr 27 02:46:58 EST 1993

In article <1rei6tINN58s at MINERVA.CIS.YALE.EDU>, smith-una at yale.edu (Una Smith) writes:
> [...]
> [quoting Steve Modena]
>>Una (and actually, Tony) are quite convinced that what is needed is a
>>further spreading of the net.....and that technology (hardware/software)
>>will allow it to happen in various guises. Email lists (listservs) are
>>but one of those mechanisms.
I think that we all agree that universal gatewaying between email lists
and usenet is a good thing.  However, Una's proposal would be for Biosci to
give equal weight to both methods of distribution (i.e. some groups run
from LISTSERV, some from usenet).  Tony was saying something different i.e.
let Usenet continue to hold centre stage.  Email distribution should be
grafted in at various levels to complete access to those without a
newsfeed.  At present Biosci handles email distribution from the "top"
level.  If this ever ceases,  I expect that other sites would step in and
offer a usenet -> email system to disseminate news. I strongly back
Dave K.'s desire to keep email subservient to usenet.

> Yes, but since the bionet groups all have the same kind of mailing list
> gateway, and BIOSCI controls them all, we're in a position to get the
> improvements we want.
While Una claims that it is unfair that BIOSCI wants to control the email
lists, there is actually nothing to stop her running a defacto gateway by
crossposting between her chosen mailing lists and newsgroups.

  Some suggestions:
> 1. Fix the cross-posting mechanism so that cross-posting works properly
>    in the mailing lists too.
This I strongly second (see Una, I can back you up on some things:-).
I'm pretty sure that there would be NO way to do this with mutiple
LISTSERV/USENET gateways.  Can it be done with email postings via Biosci?

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