bionet.faq. Was: Whether bionet/BIOSCI in the "modern" world?

Una Smith smith-una at
Tue Apr 27 20:11:45 EST 1993

John Nash <nash at>:

>You may just have something there.  A "bionet.faq" news may be a 
>feasible proposition.  It may need to be moderated to block the "I need 
>to..." questions better answered in bionet.general, and may even have 
>automated posting of FAQs, unless they are altered.

Automated posting would be nice.  The Usenet FAQ system does not involve
automatic posting, but automatic approval by the moderator, so the FAQ
maintainer must take care of this. 

A bionet.answers newsgroup would be just the thing, and would allow
e-mail subscribers to get all the FAQs or not, as they prefer.  It
should definitely be moderated.

But what I had in mind was the LISTSERV file distribution scheme, which
is separate from the mailing list.  The idea is that you send e-mail
registering yourself to receive updates of a specific article (or all
articles?).  This gives the subscriber complete control over what gets
sent and what doesn't.


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